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How it's made

Everything is done in Quebec (Canada), under one roof, by a passionate and experienced team, equipped with top-quality production equipment. Our unique process is developed in collaboration with you and your creative choices:

After the creation stage, we take care of manufacturing the physical product, in 4 main stages: printing, sublimation, cutting and assembly

1. Printing

Using a large format inkjet printer with specific sublimation inks and paper, all separate parts of the pattern are printed with your design, flat and inverted, in preparation for transfer.

2. Sublimation

The printed paper and the chosen fabric are layered and sent through a calender pressing them together at 400°F. At this temperature, the ink on the paper changes from a solid to gas (hence the name of the process), the particles cling to the fabric fibers, permanently dyeing it

3. Cutting

The roll of fabric, on which each part of the garment and its design have been sublimated, is loaded onto the conveyor of the laser cutter. A photo is taken and the shapes are automatically detected by the machine, which then cuts them. The operator on the other end collects the individual pieces and puts them together by project.

4. Making

Last step before shipping, our production team assembles the jerseys and YES! this step is also done on site!

And when the week is over, we'll see you on the trails to see the results!

- The prod. girls

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