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How it's made

Chronicles RAG January 17 2022
How it’s made
Collaboration is an essential part of our process. Production is all made under the same roof, in Québec (Canada), by an experienced and passionated team using top of the line production equipment. After the designing is done, we take care of producing the physical product you’ve imagined, possible with these four main steps; printing, sublimation, cutting and assembly.
1: Printing
With a large scale inkjet printer equipped with sublimation ink and paper, every part of the shirt's pattern is printed with the chosen design on, flat and reversed, for the incoming transfer.
2: Sublimation
The printed paper and the chosen fabric are layered one onto the other and then are sent into a roll heat press, reaching 400°F. At such a temperature, the printed ink is transitioning from solid phase to gas phase (hence the process name) and relocates on the fabric, dyeing it permanently.
3: Cutting
The roll of fabric on which was sublimated each part of the garment with its design is mounted on the laser cutter’s conveyor belt. A photo is taken and the outline is automatically detected and cutted. The operator on the other side takes the individually cutted pieces and regroups the ones belonging to the same project.
4: Assembly
The pieces are brought to the sewing station where the operator will assemble the shirt piece by piece.

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