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RAG Ambassadors 2022

Chronicles RAG December 23 2022
A huge thank you to all RAG ambassadors for this first year!

The RAG Custon team really enjoyed working with the 2022 ambassadors. It was a rewarding and very pleasant first experience.

Thanks to your commitment, we have continued to improve and develop our products to meet the reals needs of motocross, BMX and mountain bike riders, and we are proud to have your input and feedback since the beginning of RAG.

We are truly incredubly lucky to have you as part of the RAG family. You are unique and perfectly different and that is what sets us apart!

Thank you and see you soon on our bikes! 

Here are the ambassadors who have contributed to the success of RAG this year:

Francis Toutant

Véronique Turcotte

Xavier Letendre

Simon-Claude Toutant

Nicolas Desmarais

Eve Willard

Pier-Olivier Labelle

Antoine Brouillette

Alexis Grégoire